A Few Of The Best Ford Transit Mods Around

2016 Ford Transit
2016 Ford Transit

The Ford Transit is a lot of things: powerful, efficient, safe. Yet where the Transit excels more than any other commercial van is its versatility. All in all, there are 58 different configurations. This is certainly part of what makes the Ford Transit America’s best-selling commercial van.

Ford recently spotlighted some of the coolest Transit vans out on the road today…

# 1 – Surfer’s Healing’s Woody Van – This mod makes you think of The Beach Boys and “Surfin’ USA.” But as cool as it looks, this van has a serious mission. It is designed to transport life jackets and surfboards to beaches so that surf instructors can teach autistic children how to surf.

# 2 – Schultz’s Guest House’s Dog Rescue Van – This is another Ford Transit designed for a noble mission. Lined with secure cages for transporting dogs, the Schultz Guest House van rescues dogs scheduled for euthanization and takes them to a rescue farm.

# 3 – The Grateful Grail Coffeeshop – In a way, this is just another rescue van…rescuing folks suffering from immobility and a caffeine craving. Brian and David Seward designed the rolling coffeeshop themselves.

See lots of other cool Ford Transit mods here!

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