Ram 1500 and Jeep® Gladiator Make List of 12 Most Reliable Pickup Trucks in 2020 in DMA

12 Most Reliable Pickup Trucks in 2020 - Hometown Motors - Weiser, ID

You depend on your truck to help you with work on the job and fun on the weekends, which is why you need a reliable set of wheels. Editors at U.S. News & World Report evaluated trucks on the market and found the Ram 1500 and Jeep® Gladiator to be two of the 12 Most Reliable Pickup Trucks in 2020.

Applause for the 2020 Ram 1500

The new diesel engine along with the other powerful engine options of the 2020 Ram 1500 earned the editors’ attention. It was also praised for its towing strength, well-equipped cabin, technology features and performance that prioritizes fuel efficiency. The truck’s driver assistance features help you have peace of mind, while connective technologies help keep you informed and entertained.

Praise for the 2020 Jeep® Gladiator

The superior off-roading capability of the 2020 Jeep® Gladiator impressed the U.S. News & World Report editors. They also appreciated the truck’s intense powertrain and towing strength as well as its versatile, comfortable interior. The cabin has plenty of room for your passengers, and you can remove the doors, windows and top to enjoy the open air.

We at Hometown Motors are proud to offer the 2020 Ram 1500 and the 2020 Jeep® Gladiator. Both trucks are well-equipped to handle your daily needs with ease.

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