Hennessey Develops 1000-Horsepower 2020 Jeep® Maximus

2020 Jeep® Maximus
2020 Jeep Gladiator pictured

The Jeep® Gladiator is bold and capable, and many auto enthusiasts think it’s just what the industry needs to shake up the truck market. Recently, though, Hennessey took things a step further and tuned the 2020 Gladiator powertrain to give it 1,000 horsepower, dubbing the model the 2020 Jeep® Maximus. With jaw-dropping power, this truck is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Hennessey is a Texas-based automotive modification company well known in the industry for upgrading vehicles like the Corvette; however, the company has turned its eyes to the new Jeep® truck, according to the Robb Report. This 4×4 model has a 6.2-liter V8 Hellcat engine that generates a whopping 1,000 horsepower and 933 lb-ft of torque.

“We wanted to create the ultimate Jeep® Gladiator,” the company’s founder John Hennessey said. “Maximus 1,000 — the name says exactly what it is… Our clients want exclusive, extreme vehicles that deliver a fun and exciting driving experience both on and off-road.”

Borrowing its name from the protagonist of the 2000 film Gladiator — Maximus Decimus Meridius — this new truck also has a stainless-steel exhaust system, ECU tuning, a new radiator, and fuel system. It also comes with 6-inch lift kit and 20-inch wheels, and it’s paired with an eight-speed transmission.  

While you unfortunately won’t be able to get behind the wheel of the Maximus here at Hometown Motors, you can still see the more-than-capable and already cool Jeep® Gladiator when you stop by.

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