Ford Expedition Production Increases, Creates 550 Jobs

Ford Expedition production

Last month, Ford announced that it was expanding production of its popular Expedition SUV, as well as the Lincoln Navigator. Both models are thriving with strong sales numbers for the large SUV and large luxury SUV segments, respectively. Specifically, deals with the Expedition have gone up by 35% year over year while the Navigator saw an astonishing 70% growth in 2018.

This boost in Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition profits requires a boost to line speed at the production plant. To accomplish this, the Ford manufacturing team gathered a squad of workers to analyze the current process and find inefficiencies. This led to the creation of more workstations and new processes for certain tasks, which lead to an apparent need of 550 new jobs.

“Kentucky Truck Plant is home to two of Ford and Lincoln’s most successful vehicles,” said John Savona, Ford vice president, North American manufacturing. “After seeing a continued increase in customer demand for Expedition and Navigator, we are boosting production for a second time to meet it.”

While the Ford Expedition hardly needs any advertising help with the way it’s selling, Ford has recently unleashed a new ad campaign, comparing the Expedition to the competition and showing how it “out-bigs” the competition in terms of towing, technology, and interior space. The campaign includes three ads: “Leave No One,” “Better Big,” and “Curtain.”

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