New Ford Delivery Van Service Relies on the Cloud and Couriers

Ford delivery van service

In London, traffic congestion is growing, as it is in major cities here in the U.S. Not only are travel times long, but the environment is at stake. Emissions are damaging the world we live in, despite our advancements in engine technology. With the rise of delivery services — thanks to online shopping platforms like Amazon —delivery vans and trucks travel the road more frequently than previous decades.

A new Ford delivery van service seeks to change that. Ford is currently piloting a service, described as a “warehouse on wheels,” in which a Ford van will store packages from a central depot. Gnewt will provide cloud technology, which will determine the best place for the van to park. Couriers then access the van to collect and deliver the packages. Future bicycle couriers or even drones may handle the package deliveries.

With this technology, Ford hopes to reduce the number of miles vans need to drive all over London and other major cities for package deliveries. This will create jobs for couriers — until the drones take over — while it cuts down on road congestion and reduces harmful emissions.

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