Check Out These Cool Advanced Headlight Technologies Ford is Developing

2015 Ford F-150 Headlights
2015 Ford F-150 Headlights

Even if you’ve got the most high-powered headlights in the world, driving at night can always be nerve-racking. What awaits behind a tight corner? Are there deer hiding ahead in the bushes?

Ford is working on two new advanced headlight technologies to help ease your mind at night. The first is the camera-based advanced front lighting system, which uses GPS and a video camera in the rear-view mirror housing to move the adaptive headlights with the road terrain. If a roundabout or intersection is detected, the light beams will widen to provide a bigger view of what’s coming from the sides. Better yet, if the intersection was detected by the GPS, it gets tagged so that the car remembers where it is and automatically widens the headlights the next time you pass by.

The second technology is spot lighting, which uses an infrared camera to detect potential hazards like a person or an animal in or near the road up to 390 feet ahead. In such a situation, the system will shine one of two LED spotlights on the danger and highlight the object with a yellow or red box (depending on proximity) in the dash cluster. Though there are just two spotlights, the system can detect up to eight objects at once!

When can you expect this technology at Hometown Motors? We have no idea. The United States has strict regulations related to road lighting, so even if Ford were to finish the tech tomorrow, we still wouldn’t have a set timetable for its availability, which is certainly a bummer.

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