Ford Exoskeleton Vests Set to Help Factory Workers Stay Safe

People have participated in the assembly line process in factories since the Industrial Revolution, thanks to innovators like Henry Ford. As technology becomes more advanced, we see many of these assembly lines turning to robots to get the job done. To help keep more people in the factory, but in safer and more efficient ways, Ford has introduced a new innovation that is sure to make waves in the industry: exoskeleton vests.

These Ford exoskeleton vests, which are called EksoVests, are debuting in 15 Ford automotive plants in seven countries. Each vest costs about $6,000, but the price tag matters little since each one is meant to work toward reducing injuries and helping each employee work more efficiently.

The lightweight vest provides the factory workers with between 5 and 15 pounds of lifting assistance. It fits a range of wearer heights. During testing, Ford found that workers reported feeling less fatigued at the end of their shifts. This lack of fatigue is great news – not only does it improve the quality of life for the worker, but it also reduces potential factory downtime.

With these benefits, it’s possible that Ford may eventually make these vests standard issue throughout their global factories.

We at Hometown Motors are proud to see that Ford is concerned with the well-being of every single one of its workers.

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