Ford and HP Studying Fleet Vehicles

Ford Nameplate
Ford continues to innovate the automotive industry.

Ford and Hewlitt-Packard are studying vehicle fleets in hopes maximizing efficiency. Using HP’s Big Data software, Ford has been keeping close tabs on a squad of test fleet vehicles by watching the schedules of the drivers, recording where they drove, where they refueled, how they parked, and so on.

Fleet vehicles are groups of vehicles that are owned by a business or government and used by employees. Ford and other organizations using fleet vehicles have a vested interest in keeping use of these vehicles minimal. This testing will be a big step forward for Ford in efficiently managing its fleets.

Ford discovered that drivers of fleet vehicles mostly went to the same coffee place and bought the same kind of fuel. If these drivers carpooled instead of each taking their own vehicle, it would free up more fleet vehicles for other drivers to use. Some fleet drivers left their fleet cars at airports during long trips.

Encouraging employees to share vehicles would have a huge impact on costs, and this information could lead to individual benefits like coupons for drivers or national buying contracts, according to a Ford executive.

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