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What Do Those Warning Lights on Your Dashboard Mean?

Sooner or later, your vehicle is going to require maintenance, no matter how much TLC you put into it on a daily basis. Dashboard warning lights signal potential problems with your ride. Here are what some of the most common ones mean.


Oil Warning Light

This one looks like an oil can with a drop coming out of the spout. This light usually indicates that either the oil temperature is too cool or hot; it could also mean that the pressure or oil level is too low or that there’s a problem with the oil pump.


Tire Pressure Warning Light

If you see a little light that looks like a circle with an exclamation point in the middle, it means your tire pressure is too low. This could be due to changing temperatures or a flat tire.


Car Battery Warning Light

This light looks like a box with a plus and minus sign on each side. It usually means that there’s a problem with your car’s electrical system.

warning lights on your dashboard

Check Engine Light

Like its name suggests, this light looks like an engine. This warning could indicate vital flaws with one or more of your vehicle’s engine parts. If you see the check engine light on your dashboard, take your car into the shop right away for a diagnostic test.


Whether you need a tune-up or a second opinion on a maintenance item, the experienced technicians in Hometown Motors’ service department will be happy to help.

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