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What to Do When Your Car is Stolen

Protect Yourself
Protect Yourself

Cars these days have amazing anti-theft technology that makes it pretty hard to steal them. But any car owner, especially those with older models, can become the victim of auto theft, and it’s important to know what the next steps are if it happens to you.

After making absolutely sure that you didn’t just misplace it somehow—towing, repossession, forgetting where you parked—the first and most obvious step is to call the police and file a report. Next, if you have OnStar or LoJack and the police don’t contact them for you, give them a call and find out where your car is and whether they can turn it off remotely for you.

One of the most important steps when your car is stolen is to call your insurance company. If your thief damages your car or hits someone else or their property, you don’t want the insurance company to hold you responsible for it and raise your rates. Protect yourself!

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