LAPD Reveals Ford Fusion Patrol Car

Ford Fusion

The Los Angeles Police Department has unveiled its new Ford Fusion patrol car, a pursuit-rated version of the Ford Fusion Hybrid with a fuel economy rating of 38 mpg combined*, more than double the efficiency of the current pursuit cars used by the department.

The pursuit-rated Fusion has upgraded brakes to meet the cooling requirements of a pursuit vehicle. Pursuit car brakes need to cool quickly in order to keep up with the intense engine and brake use during high-speed chases. Ford had to make numerous other adjustments and changes to the Fusion for it to meet patrol car standards.

Part of the LAPD’s switch to a hybrid car is rooted in the frequency of idling. Patrol cars spend a huge amount of time idling during traffic patrol and in other situations, which wastes a lot of gas. Hybrid vehicles cut down on the gas used in idling with increased efficiency as well as automatic start-stop technology, which shuts down the engine when the car is idling and automatically turns it back on the gas pedal is released.

The Fusion patrol car will be available for order this spring and will be delivered next summer.

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