2017 Promises New Headlights for Jeep


Jeep fanatics have always been committed, and they remain impressed by classic style and improving performance. Still, ask anyone who’s been driving a Jeep vehicle and they’ll probably agree that up until now, the vehicle has left something to be desired. Jeep headlights just aren’t what they could be. Their poor output has made those in the Cherokee and Wrangler some of the worst rated by the IIHS.

As any good company would do, Jeep is taking this criticism as a constructive one, using it to improve their product. Any Wrangler or Cherokee owner who’s had to strain to see at night will be pleased to know that new headlights for Jeep are already becoming available. Some options start now and more will be available to choose from next year. Jeep will offer LED or HID headlamps for the Cherokee, the Wrangler and the Renegade.

The new lights will be an optional addition to the Wrangler’s Sport and Sport S trims. They’ll be the new standard for the Sahara and Rubicon Wranglers. Jeep has already made the new headlights available for the Cherokee Limited an High Altitude Trims. Next year every Cherokee but the basic Sport will get these new headlamps. As for the Renegade, its basic Sport trim is the only Jeep that won’t have the new LED or HID as an option. But for the rest, the extra you’ll pay for these new Jeep headlights is sure to be worth the improved visibility.

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