New Lincoln Continental Resurrects Prestigious Nameplate for Flagship Sedan Model

Lincoln Name Plate
Lincoln is resurrecting its most prestigious name plate for its new flagship sedan!

Lincoln has been pushing the brand name upward both in status and on the product line for the last several years now, and we absolutely love the brand’s latest power play. Lincoln will be bringing the Continental nameplate back for the new flagship sedan, which will replace the Lincoln MKS. The new Lincoln Continental will be the first to feature a Lincoln-logo mesh grille and will go on sale sometime next year.

The new Continental made its premiere at the New York Auto Show, where the concept version was treated with much fanfare and applause.

“They have leapfrogged to a different realm of luxury,” Michelle Krebs of said of Lincoln. “Lincoln to date has been premium but not necessarily luxury. This moves them to the true luxury realm.”

Semantics aside, this is simply a very impressive new sedan. It will be powered by a new 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine—a Lincoln brand exclusive. It will also feature innumerable interior conveniences and offer the greatest driving and riding experience on the road. With a nameplate like Continental, though, we simply could expect nothing less. Come see us at Steve’s Hometown Motors to learn more!

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