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Winter Car Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind This Season

Winter Car Maintenance

As any driver knows, the winter season brings the most hazardous conditions to the roads every year because of the ice and snow. This year, prepare yourself with these winter maintenance tips:

  • Make sure that your car is up to date on its latest scheduled oil change.
  • Check that your headlights are properly aimed and shining clearly, giving you maximum visibility.
  • Evaluate the tread and wear on your tires, and strongly consider switching to winter tires.
  • Check out your windshield wiper blades for damage, and replace them if necessary or if you are concerned.
  • Keep a quality shovel and ice scraper in your vehicle, ready for the first time your vehicle gets covered in snow right before work.
  • Lastly, consider throwing a blanket, an extra pair of gloves, or maybe a warm hat in your car, just in case.

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