What to Expect for the 2020 Ford Bronco

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Ford has been toying with the idea of a revamped Ford Bronco since 2004, when it debuted a Ford Bronco concept at that year’s Detroit Auto Show. If you’ve been wondering what’s going on with the Bronco since then, we finally have an answer: Ford announced the 2020 Ford Bronco at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. While a lot of specifics are still mysteries, we’re starting to get a better idea of what to expect from this the 2020 Ford Bronco.


Timeless Style


In recent years, the retro looks of the late-1960’s Bronco have seen a huge comeback in popularity, so we can expect the brand to pay some homage to the classic Bronco look with the release of the new model. Even so, it’s safe to assume the 2020 Bronco will also be unmistakably modern—along the lines of the new Mustang and GT supercar.


Turbocharged Power


Engine specifications for the 2020 Bronco haven’t been released, but we’re expecting the 2020 Bronco to come with the same 2.3-liter turbo-four that’s on the 2019 Ford Ranger. Ford has also confirmed a hybrid powertrain option will eventually be available.


Off-Road Capability


Probably the most exciting topic of speculation is the 2020 Bronco’s off-road capabilities. The original Ford Broncos were highly versatile and could tackle anything from rough-terrain navigation to desert racing. We’ll have to patiently wait to see just what the 2020 Ford Bronco is capable of, but our guess is that off-road enthusiasts should start getting excited.


The 2020 Ford Bronco won’t be available at Hometown Motors for another couple years, but we’re already looking forward to its arrival.

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