For Cold Weather Driving, Nothing Beats Winter Tires

It’s a common misconception that all-season tires deliver optimal performance all year round. If you live someplace where temperatures commonly drop below 45 degrees in the winter, your best bet is to get a dedicated set of winter tires.


Winter tires are constructed with special rubber compounds that remain flexible and durable even when temperatures drop near freezing. In cold weather, all-season tires will stiffen up and begin to lose traction. Winter tires, on the other hand, continue to deliver exceptional traction and handling even when temperatures drop below freezing.


Winter tires also feature tread patterns designed specially to offer superior performance in winter driving conditions. When driving in slush, ice, or snow, the wider tread pattern on winter tires effectively expels roadside debris and grime while allowing for confident handling despite slick conditions.

For Cold Weather Driving, Nothing Beats Winter Tires

Because buying tires isn’t everyone’s idea of an exciting purchase, it’s easy for drivers to slap on a set of all-season tires and consider things covered. However, if you’re driving through winter’s weather challenges, you can’t go wrong with a robust set of winter tires.


To learn more about winter tire maintenance or to schedule a test drive, stop by Hometown Motors today; we’ll be more than thrilled to help.

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