Seasonal Car Maintenance You Should Do For Your Car

Here’s some seasonal car maintenance you should keep in mind:



  • Check tire tread: If your tires are worn too flat, you could be putting yourself in danger.
  • Replace your wipers: Spring is known for rainstorms.
  • Clean the cabin & get a new air filter: You can spring-clean your ride all you want, but only a new filter gives you that clean smell.
  • Get everything checked: Bring your vehicle in to have a pro look over all the mechanical parts once a year.



  • Check tire pressure regularly: Hot temperatures are hard on tires and can overinflate them.
  • Have your brakes inspected: You should do this at least twice a year.
  • Test your battery: Summer is actually rougher on batteries than winter.
  • Maintain your transmission: Get it checked to make sure it’s in working order.

seasonal car maintenance


  • Flush your radiator: Over time, old antifreeze can corrode.
  • Change exterior lights, clean covers: Now’s the time to prep for the dark, short days of winter with new lights and clean headlight covers.
  • Have belts & hoses checked: Cold temperatures can exacerbate damage to your engine.



  • Charge & clean battery: Make sure all connections are clean and tight.
  • Consider winter tires: Better traction means better safety.
  • Refill wiper fluid: Wiper fluid is resistant to freezing, so make sure it’s topped off for better visibility.
  • Double-check antifreeze: As the name implies, this maintains your engine’s temperature.


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  1. The author is very serious on our vehicles’ health, ergo has described everything on a single post 🙂 You should carry out different maintenance strategies for different seasons. Though they are common in few points, but there are still many points unmatched. You should take the car to a reputable garage, where professionals offer great services. Before and after of a season, you should make a visit there. Winter is the most difficult time for vehicles, most professionals agree on this view.

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