The Ford FitTruck

Ford FitTruckFord and Reebok have come together to create a new type of fitness. This time, fitness isn’t just on a video or at the gym. It’s on the move thanks to the Ford FitTruck.

America is all about trying new fitness trends, and the FitTruck is no exception. The FitTruck is an effort from both Ford and Reebok to bring fitness across the U.S. Literally! The FitTruck is travelling 2,000 miles over a two-month period of time to make fitness mobile.

“FitTruck embodies the idea that the gym is everywhere and fitness can truly take place anywhere – a city, a park or your own home,” says Steve Robaire, Reebok director of instructor engagement and global events.

The FitTruck is basically a travelling fitspiration vehicle. It’ll lead pop-up events across the country that include special guest fitness stars that’ll lead fitness boot camps and wellness clinics. Some prominent guest stars are Australian fitness star, Emily Skye, and Cory Gregory, the creator of the Squat Every Day program.

So if you’ll be near Boston, New York, D.C., Virgina, North Carolina, or Columbus, you should check out the pop-up FitTruck for yourself. And if not, why not just come up with your own FitTruck-inspired workout session?

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