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Boise Co-op – Creating Farm-to-Family Relationships

Boise Co-Op

We at Hometown Motors love to support local businesses. One business in particular that we love is the Boise Co-op. This is a community-owned marketplace, which not only sells food, but is committed to providing high-quality nutrition and educating people.

Established in 1973, the Boise Co-op is passionate about creating farm-to-family relationships and sustaining the local food system. It was founded by health-conscious individuals, and has continued to grow over the years. Now the marketplace has more than 24,000 co-owners and is a great place for fresh, healthy food.

Although the co-op marketplace may appear to be a typical business, it is very unique in reality. This marketplace is a perfect example of working together as the members are also owners. People who help provide the food are also shopping there and have a say in the business decisions. This is a unique but effective approach, which benefits the economy and the community.

Co-ops operate on seven principles, which are: voluntary and open membership; democratic member control; members’ economic participation; autonomy and independence; education, training, and information; cooperation among cooperatives; and concern for community.

In addition to operating on the above principles, the Boise Co-op joined the National Co+op Grocers (NCG), which helps to unify natural food co-ops. This strengthens purchasing power by offering more resources and values. This allows the Boise Co-op to pass on even more savings to co-owners, like the Co+op Deals Program.

If you are interested in high-quality, natural, organic, and/or specialty products, be sure to check out the Boise Co-op marketplace!

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