FCA Credit Cards for Small Businesses Launched

FCA Credit Cards To Help Small Businesses

FCA has partnered with a small-business credit card company called First Bankcard, a division of the First National Bank of Omaha. Together they plan to launch two FCA credit cards that will reward users for brand loyalty to the Mopar Business Edition MasterCard program and the BusinessLink Business Edition Mastercard program.

The Mopar Business program provides pricing benefits to independent auto repair facilities, while the BusinessLink program offers rewards to small businesses that have vehicle fleets. Members of these programs, whether they’re independent repair facilities or small businesses with fleets, can sign up for an FCA card and start saving and racking up rewards points.

The cards have no annual fee and offer great benefits, including 10,000 bonus points after the first $100 in purchases on the card and 4% back on any purchases from an FCA dealership. The cards also have competitively low APR, so card users will get much more back in points and returns than they’ll spend on interest and payments.

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